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Nissan Qashqai Ti – Qq Now Fully Equipped

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As promised at the start of the year, Nissan has delivered the final part of the jigsaw that was the Qashqai facelift, the top of the range Ti not supplementing the N-Tec model but actually replacing it.

Strange but evidently the N-Tec was only ever designed to be a temporary variant. Now that Ti is here we understand that on top of the N-Tec specification it adds adaptive cruise control, a lane keeping aid and seats finished in Nappa leather with quilting, soft cushioning and driver memory function.

All are appreciated, as is power seat operation, including of lumbar function. However, the Ti does come at a cost, adding $1300 to the price, now $44,990. Nissan introduced the original Qashqai in 2006 and the second-gen in 2014. Its name is unusual and evidently derives from a tribe of people living in the mountains of southern Iran.

The 2018 facelift was characterised by a new iteration of the company’s V-shaped fascia, reshaped bumpers each end and the addition of a shark’s fin antenna, along with fresh alloy designs and new rear LED taillights.

Inside, a D-shaped wheel and revised seats were the primary changes. While the powertrain wasn’t altered, suspension tweaks were made to improve the handling, with firmer springs, retuned dampers and stiffer sway bar.

Give Nissan your cash, it’ll give you an upgraded Qashqai

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When Nissan first launched the Qashqai in Australia it changed the name to “Dualis” because the Aussies were afraid people would call it “cash cow”.

Which is rather funny in retrospect, because that is exactly what the Qashqai has been for Nissan.

With more than 1.24 million units sold since its introduction in 2006, the Qashqai has been wildly successful for the Japanese manufacturer, with additional production lines being added in Russia and China (alongside England and Japan) with the introduction of the second-generation model.

So, anyway, now the Qashqai is called the Qashqai everywhere (except in America where it is now the Rogue Sport). Everybody seems happy with that funny name that Nissan got from a tribe of nomadic mountain people in Iran, which translates as “horse with a white forehead”.

Nissan has been cautious but progressive with the refreshed 2018 Qashqai, by tweaking a few details and loading it up with new tech.

The 2018 Qashqai gets a new face, with a new “V-motion” grille, headlights, fog light surrounds and a new front bumper, while at the back a new rear bumper, tail-lights and a shark-fin antenna make up the bulk of the changes.

2014 Nissan Qashqai Ti – Car Review – Little Big Car

Nissan Qashqai review Drivelife


High riding and compact, this small compact crossover is nimble and fully equipped, embracing the driver technology and cramming every bit of gadget anyone might ever need.

Strong, enduring and resilient is how one could describe the Qashqai, a nomadic group of people from the mountainous regions of Southwestern Iran. The same might not be as prominent in the compact crossover that replaces the previous capable off-roader Terrano.

The Qashqai is built upon the hardy X-Trail platform with European influences being designed in London. With high wheel arches, generous ground clearance and a replacement to previous 4WD pedigree it has the makings of something good. But the new Nissan Qashqai only comes in 2WD and is setup purely for around town cruising and car parks, you won’t be seeing this in the national parks and coastline trails this summer.

Dream possibilities aside, the new 2014 Qashqai Ti is a step above the previous first gen model. Sporting more aggressive sharper lines and bringing the sunken dated shapes back into the modern era of European angles. Ours was in Truffle brown, which actually sat quite well with me. The finish to the paint was deep and rich with a clear pearl coat making the brown look delightful.

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