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Mitsubishi Pajero Sport

Road test review: Mitsubishi Pajero Sport


Well, it hasn’t quite gone full-on Triton – rather, think of it as a more refined, urbane version of the Triton’s aggressive Transformer face.

A larger grille, smaller headlights and new LED combination indicator/cornering light/fog lights bring the beast, while tweaks to bumpers and other exterior trim (plus the addition of a rear spoiler as standard) make the Sport look lower, wider and more squared-off than before.

The polarising tail lights have come in for a refresh too, with a bolder, squarer look that sees them looking far less like clocks in a Salvador Dali painting now.

The new bumpers make the Pajero Sport 40mm longer than before, but it has lost around 20kg, with a decent chunk of that coming from the new aluminium bonnet that shaves 7.8kg off its weight.

Shaving millimetres off here and there inside the Pajero Sport has seen an increase in interior width of 25.6mm, while storage space has also increased, but the big news inside is the all-new 8-inch multi-information display that replaces the traditional dials behind the steering wheel, which is its first appearance in a Mitsubishi.

This, along with the addition of an electric tailgate, a revised and enlarged touchscreen infotainment display and remote control access via a phone app make the Pajero Sport one of the most high-tech vehicles in the company’s line up.

SUV Test – 2020 Mitsubishi Pajero Sport VRX


The Mitsubishi Pajero Sport for 2020 is a far cry from the previous models to bear the name and indeed from the Challenger model from which it came.

As it stands, the Pajero Sport is a solid addition to the Mitsubishi range of vehicles in this country – taking its place at the top of the SUV tree for the Triple Diamond brand in terms of spec if not in price.

Powered by the tried and true 2.4-litre, direct injection MIVEC diesel with turbocharger which delivers 135kW of power and 437Nm of torque, the Pajero Sport is one of the first Mitsubishi’s to adopt the 8-speed automatic transmission which opens the engine’s full potential across a diverse range of driving applications – including towing up to 3.1 Tonnes.

But this is not the only strong suit of the Pajero Sport, a generously sized SUV which comfortably accommodates seven adults, and which has seen the very best of Mitsubishi’s technology installed.

Improvements to the aesthetics, the enhancements to the suspension – as found on the Triton – improvements to connectivity by way of Bluetooth telephony, an 8-inch touchscreen for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility, a power tailgate with remote operating app or key-fob.

These are of course, merely highlight: cruise control USB and HDMi ports, leather seats electrically heated and adjusted up front and of course the immensely capable four-wheel-drive ability provided by the Super Select II with off road mode – Mitsubishi’s very serious four-wheel-drive system.

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport

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