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Trax Keeps Trucking

Holden Trax review from NZ Autocar


We’ve heard a lot about Holden’s big product drive, dozens of new models coming in waves over the next few years as the Lion brand transforms. The latest to arrive are the diminutive duo, Barina and Trax, the latter featured here.

As Holden NZ boss, Kristian Aquilina, said at the recent launch, “It’s an unprecedented product renaissance for the Holden brand and 2016 has been a huge year as we work on a broad strategy to invest in the customer experience and work with dealers to rebuild the network. What’s happening in terms of the product is great for customers.”

Those customers shopping for a smaller vehicle will now have the made-over Barina and Trax as options. These two are a family act sharing common lineage but for one the future looks bright, while for the other not so much. Sales wise, the small SUV market is trending upwards, increasing its share of the overall market.

Since Trax was launched in 2013, the segment has doubled, small SUVs accounting for 13,000 registrations in 2015. Conversely the light car’s share of the market is trending down; though volumes are steady the overall market is growing so its share is in decline.

Holden Trax: Make Trax in town and county

Holden Trax review from Driven


Picking up this sporty-looking Holden Trax on a rainy Friday afternoon, a suppressed desire rises within me to go shopping.

My usual modes of transport in Auckland are my trusty Suzuki moped or whatever brand of bus I’m catching, so this is a good opportunity to collect a few things on my need-to-buy list.

And on this midwinter day when we are being subjected to a bone-chilling southerly gale, the Holden Trax is a warm, comfortable shopping basket on classy 18in wheels.

It’s an easy-to-manoeuvre, easy-to-park SUV as I pop into a few stores in Newmarket and throw the shopping bags in the back. I even get the kids’ style approval later for a funky jacket I pick up in Newmarket. Not too expensive, mind you. More a sassy budget buy like the Trax I’m driving.

The SUV is easy to spot in busy car parks with its Boracay Blue standing amid predominantly grey vehicles. There’s a geography lesson thrown in for free later when I google the source of the colour’s name and photos pop up in my browser showing the same blue in the sky above the palms and sand of Boracay, an island in the central Philippines. (Note to editor: perhaps I should go there to check out the authenticity of the colour’s origins?)

2017 Holden Trax – Car Review – Small car, big change



The Trax is Holden’s small SUV/Crossover, and it has been around for a while in New Zealand. We tested the original version last year, but now there’s a new facelifted version, featuring new exterior design, improved interior and more technology.

I’m generally a fan of blue cars so I was glad to see that our test car came in that bright metallic shade. I’ve never really been a fan of the looks of the Trax but Holden’s new front and rear design has definitely improved things. The new swept-back headlights are much better, though they look like they may have taken some inspiration from Volkswagen. It has that tall, chunky look that an SUV needs, with black plastic along the bottom and silver trims front and rear which look a bit like off-road skid plates.

Inside, the dash has a similar general look to the original Trax, but materials have definitely improved. The central touch screen is bigger now at 7 inches and higher up in the dash. Many of the hard plastics have gone and been replaced with nicer feeling materials including a padded panel across the centre of the dash with a nice line of red stitching running through it. The silver plastic highlights also look a lot less plasticky and have a much nicer finish.

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