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Sunday Drive: Ford Everest Titanium Bi-turbo

Ford Everest Review by Stuff


Driving the Ford Everest takes you into the world of the survivalist – those hardy souls who still expect family seven-seaters to deliver genuine toughness, big towing and decent off-road capability.

Weirdos, right?

Anyway, all that’s pinned back Everest has been price: we all accepted Ford’s delivery of the category’s biggest engine, most advanced platform and the smartest content unavoidably carried cost. Yet a recommended retail leaving but $10 change from $88k left the top-line Titanium perilously sited.

Good news, then, arrives with the first scheduled update. The Titanium remains – in fact, it’s the sole version now – but now costs $8000 less than its predecessor and just $3000 above where the much-sparser outfitted, now defunct entry Trend edition used to position.

There’s more. A host of upgrades include a major fundamental drivetrain change, the previous 3.2-litre five-cylinder and six-speed automatic being dropped for the 10-speed transmission and 2.0-litre bi-turbo powertrain with better manners and higher outputs. Also implemented is an improved suspension with towing improving to 3100kgs.

This is all change for good, though as before, being based on the T6 Ranger, it is unavoidably all about trucky altitude and attitude.

Ford Everest: A Raptor in seven-seat SUV drag

Ford Everest review Driven


You could be forgiven for thinking the Ford Everest is all but identical to the Ranger ute; the only difference being the SUV body shell. But you’d be wrong.

Although the idea of building a full-size SUV atop a ladder frame chassis isn’t unique to Ford — Holden, Isuzu and Toyota have all had a crack as well — the lengths Ford’s engineers, designers and marketers have gone to ensure the Everest isn’t mistaken for “just a truck” promises to elevate the company’s version to heights its competitors cannot match.

Of course there are carryover parts between the Everest and Ranger, but like all things, it’s the attention to finer details and specific tuning changes that separate them behind the wheel.

“Our goal with the new Everest was to take an already capable vehicle and make it more car-like,” explained Everest programme manager Dan Ciccocioppo.

In the three years since the Everest’s debut, Australian-based engineers have funnelled feedback from owners on both sides of the Ditch to improve the seven-seat SUV in four key areas: noise vibration and harshness (NVH), ride quality (or “plushness” as Ciccocioppo preferred to call it), safety and fuel economy.

Meet the 2019 Ford Everest


Available from September 2018 and offered in the single premium Titanium variant, the 2019 Ford Everest brings significant upgrades and advanced technology including AEB, with a state of the art powertrain for greater touring range and capability.

Building on the award-winning Everest, the 2019 Everest Titanium can now tow more, head further off-road and save fuel around town with the most fuel efficient, refined yet capable Everest to date.

The Ford Everest has seen its off-road capability widely praised by 4×4 media and enthusiasts, with its Terrain Management System, tuned suspension, tyre and wheel package. This thorough approach has also seen Everest’s on-road manners and civility highly lauded, with its wide span of capability bringing Everest to a broader audience in an SUV-focused New Zealand market.

“Everest is still a relatively new nameplate in New Zealand, but we’ve seen a positive response from customers and Ford has honed the new model based on their feedback,” said David Herbert, Marketing Manager, Ford New Zealand. “We’ve found Everest owners are a dedicated, passionate group, and we’re pleased it evokes such a response. We are confident they will appreciate the improvements with the new 2019 Everest and that with its array of enhancements and great 7-seat capability, it will attract even more customers.”

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