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First drive: behind the wheel of the 2019 Ford Endura

Ford Endura review from Driven


The Ford Endura joined the New Zealand blue oval line-up earlier this year, and punters didn’t need to be Sherlock Homes to spot the elephant in the corner of the room — this was an old car.

The Ford Endura joined the New Zealand blue oval line-up earlier this year, and punters didn’t need to be Sherlock Homes to spot the elephant in the corner of the room — this was an old car.

It debuted in this form in 2014 over in America, with ‘Edge’ badging stuck to the boot-lid. But, despite being a teenager in ‘car years’, we still found reason to rather like the Endura when we drove it back in July — how well it drove and how it looked being two of its big attributes.

Now, there’s a new one. Well, sort of.

We were invited last week to cross the ditch to a wet and wild Melbourne to drive the new Ford Focus and new Canadian-built Ford Endura, ahead of their 2019 arrival.

The thoroughly American Endura seems a curious fit next to the plush-cut-rugged Everest and the more family orientated Escape. Ford on both sides of the Tasman have padded its position in the line-up by touting it as a replacement for the much loved Aussie-made Territory, but the truth is that it’s something rather different entirely.

Remove the son-of-Territory complex, and it’s actually quite hard to find direct competitors for the (we think quite handsome looking) Endura.

2019 Ford Endura Titanium AWD – Car Review – American Luxury

Ford Endura review from DriveLife


As the replacement for the Ford Territory, the rest of the world know this car as the Ford Edge. Now available in Australia and New Zealand, it’s being sold under the model name Endura.

Can the Endura stand up to the legacy of the old Territory and how will it compare to other brands in the massively expanding SUV market?

In New Zealand, there are 4 variants of Endura to choose from. All Endura models come with the same 2.0-litre turbo diesel engine that produces 140kW of power and 400Nm of torque. They also all have the same 8-speed automatic transmission.

Each variant builds on the spec of the previous one. Stating with the Trend FWD, the main features are adaptive cruise control, autonomous emergency braking, integrated active noise control, push button start with keyless entry and a towbar. The Trend AWD adds intelligent all-wheel drive to the line up already available in the Trend FWD.

Moving to the ST-Line you get a bit more again, 20″ alloy wheels with black inserts, black trapezoid front grille and surround, enhanced park assist with pull out assist, perpendicular park and flankguard, front heated & cooled seats with 10-way power adjust (driver & passenger), full sports inspired body styling kit, Miko Suede perforated seats with leather accents and sports-tuned suspension.

Ford Endura ST-Line – Endura aims high

Ford Endura ST-Line - Endura aims high


Ford launches a new SUV offering in the Endura. Is it everything you’ve been looking for?

Ford recently announced it was going big on SUVs in the US, and would be ditching car lines as they came up for replacement. You have to feed demand, and if people are willing to pay the premium for crossovers and SUVs, then Ford is backing the right horse. We can’t see the SUV trend slowing any time soon and manufacturers will find new high riding niches to plug.

Locally the Ford line-up of SUVs includes the Ecosport which misfired on arrival but the new ‘improved’ model is now on offer, the Escape soldiers on but is aging and then there’s the rugged Everest, Ford’s only seven seater as the once popular Territory has been gone a year now. Ford’s newest SUV recruit is a North American-sourced rig they call the Edge, but here it’s known as Endura.

The Edge name is registered by Toyota down these ways, and so Ford had to recycle Endura, a name for an engine range long gone now. The current Edge debuted in the US in 2015, making its way across the Atlantic in early 2017 and it arrives here in limited numbers initially.

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